CODMAN® Programmable Shunt

programmble shuntUse of a programmable shunt can significantly increase the probability of shunt implantation being a one-time procedure. If the pressure setting of a fixed pressure shunt proves to be a mismatch after surgery, causing underdrainage or overdrainage complications, the patient must undergo a complete or partial shunt revision, sometimes more than once. This is a limitation of all fixed pressure shunts.

The CODMAN® HAKIM® Programmable Valve gives your doctor a choice of 18 different programmable pressure settings. It is the same size as traditional fixed pressure shunts and is implanted in exactly the same way. Using an exclusive external programming device, the surgeon selects the initial pressure setting prior to the procedure, and can then easily adjust the setting at any time and as many times as necessary without further surgery. The large range of pressure settings allows the surgeon to make very fine adjustments in the pressure in order to get the best resolution of symptoms after the shunt is implanted. The totally non-invasive adjustments take only seconds and can be done right in the office with little or no patient discomfort.

Programming Device

programming deviceProgramming Device The device used to adjust the pressure setting of the shunt is simply called a Programmer. The programmer includes an electrical box connected to a transmitter head. Using the transmitter head, the shunt is programmed to a certain pressure chosen by the surgeon prior to being implanted in the patient. Upon pushing a button, the shunt is changed to the selected pressure in seconds. No additional surgeries or hospital visits are needed in order to reprogram the shunt.

Locating a Specialist

To find a neurosurgeon certified in the use of the CODMAN® Programmable Shunt, please use our Find a Specialist service and look for this seal.

If you are a physician interested in learning more about the CODMAN Programmable Shunt, please contact Codman Customer Support at 1-800-225-0460.

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